Concrete, Plywood and Metal...the Perfect Loft Kitchen?

Where this space is small in stature it is made up for in character. We salvaged the existing upper cabinetry and used it to create an open shelf feel with creative random plywood doors to form a unique functional look.
The lower cabinetry was a different story. These handmade pieces were given a special concrete coating for that amazing loft feel but we maintained some continuity using the same pine plywood door system. Inserting this salvaged vintage yellow sink was the perfect touch.
Centered in the space a huge and expandable handmade island piece was fabricated using galvanized piping, concrete and a creative "end grain only" plywood design. Overhead is a colorful custom galvanized pipe light fixture incorporating brightly colored fabric cords and random vintage bulbs.
Finally this seafoam shadow box system was custom created to give a space to store this raw vegan instructors tools of the trade in an aesthetically pleasing shelf grid.

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