studio|C // the conversation piece workshop from studio|C on Vimeo.

Ani and I are just two ordinary, hard working folks with a passion for originality. Years ago we realized how often we, like so many others, found ourselves admiring the amazing and creative furniture designed by clever craftsman from all walks of humanity via the digital world. But we wondered where a person could actually find these artistic conversation pieces if they really wanted one.  We were so tired of the unoriginal, the mass produced, the disposable...which we felt we saw EVERYWHERE!

With my life experience in the general trades and knack for engineering and design, coupled with Ani's education in the arts, we decided to create our own one-of-a-kind pieces! After just a few months, we had quite a following and the ridiculous idea crossed our minds that we could we do this full time, so that's what we did.

Everyone has their own wish list and meeting each customer’s unique desires has pushed our creative boundaries to places we would never have ventured on our own.  We truly have become a custom creative workshop in every sense of the word.  We identify each client’s needs and wants, share relevant concepts, and then get to work. From the custom design to the strong fabrication to the artistic finish… we always get our man. What's left is unique heirloom quality furniture that we hope gets passed down through generations.

While we do aim to accomplish what we’ve been commissioned to create, we have learned that we have a personal style, too. It is to artistically blend the raw rustic and industrial, organic elements of the real world with the more refined contrast of color and functionality. 

This means incorporating new building materials and reclaimed ones, wood with metal, unique coatings with any foundations. We believe there is beauty in imperfection. Nature shows us that every day and we take pride in our ability to identify the back-to-our-roots features of a building material and creatively marry that with our modern world. 

Each piece evolves into a work of art and no two are ever alike. This translates into our visual art pieces as well. There are few things we personally enjoy more than expressing ourselves with color and texture using our ever expanding knowledge of so many different mediums.  We genuinely look forward to the project you have in store for us and adding to your life in some small way. We think everyone should love where they live, just like we do!